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In this case after 2 years of remission metastatic development was seen in right supra clavicular lymph node, post radiation (July 98). This is 37 years old patient of carcinoma of breast (January 2001) and metastasis in liver, post chemotherapy (December 2001). Patient could tolerate chemotherapy with out any side effects. CT scan of abdomen, bone scan and mammography are within normal limits.After 1 year 4 months again metastasis was seen in cervical lymph node, post chemotherapy (November 99). In this case complete remission is seen for 7 years 6 months of Ayurvedic treatment. Her last follow at tata memorial hospital at July 08 NAD.

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This is 63 years old patient of carcinoma of breast, stage III, post surgery. November 99 – Right posterior triangle lymph node biopsy Metastatic carcinoma consistent with known breast primary. 4500 c GY/ 25 #/ 42 days Right supra clavicular lymph node Recurrence Radiation from July 98 to Aug 98 Right posterior triangle lymph node recurrence Chemotherapy – 3 cycles taken from December 1999 to February 2000. Complete remission is seen in this case for 10 years & 8 months with Ayurvedic treatment.

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