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27-Dec-2016 02:15

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The second time, this bloke sat next to me and asked who I was waiting for.

Now, this annoyed me and I told him that I didn’t feel like talking.

Clearly offended, he stood up and said ‘you’ll never make new friends that way.’ Now, I know what you’re thinking: these guys were just trying to chat me up; why should I put up with that kind of intrusion?

Well, I guess they might have been, but then again they might not.

At that point, sexting is neither consensual nor innocuous.

One may have any number of personal objections to sexting, but as long as sexted images are taken voluntarily and shared consensually, it is none of the government’s business.

We’ve all heard or read about the strict laws and forms of punishment in Saudi Arabia.

The most notorious of which is cutting off the hands of thieves.

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I don’t know the details such as whether or not the thief had a previous history of stealing.In all my years here, I’ve only heard about it happening once. Jewelry, TVs, computers and everything of value was taken.