Bsd updating all ports

01-Sep-2016 14:21

I am afraid that if you wanted to avoid installing a port manager/helper tool you'd have a more difficult job because you'll have to go through every single Perl 5 port manually and run Thanks user76776 for pointing out UPDATING.

I'll have to RTFM on the differences between portmaster/portupgrade/pkgng - still BSD n00b.

The portmaster command line tool is used to install and update software packages. Most of the actions listed in this FAQ are written with the assumption that they will be executed by the root user running the csh or bash shell.

All the details step-by-step can be found here (nixcraft) On a related note, Richard Bejtlich has updated his draft of “Keeping Free BSD Applications Up-To-Date“, a follow-up to my 2004 article of the same name that use Free BSD 5.x for the examples.

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Generally, default configuration file will does its jobs.

Commands 2 & 3 didn't solve problem (fsharp install), and command 1 failed (command not found) as I haven't installed portmaster (yet).