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25-Aug-2016 21:55

Eight years into her marriage, Rachel started to wonder if her husband had lost interest in sex.

The sex in Antichrist is very beautiful, orchestrated to the swelling strains of fine operatic tones, but I hate to break it to ya - that's not Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg getting jiggy, it's their obliging porn doubles.

She decided to save the more intimate scenes between the movie's two stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan until closer to the end of filming so they knew each other — and the crew — a little better."But when it came to the day, it was the sudden realization of, ' Oh, this is the day we’ve been discussing,'" says Taylor-Johnson.

"I think the most important thing really was the sense of trust.

"It was on the end of a zoom and we’d let them move," he says.

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"And with that tighter lens sometimes you can get a more impressionistic, abstract view of bodies."To reduce the number of times the actors had to try and simulate an intimate moment, Mc Garvey also shot with two cameras wherever possible. "People want to clear up our dating rumors, so you can clear them up or I can clear them up," Frankel said. "Because that will really determine my answer.""Let's just say that I had somebody help me carry it in," Stonestreet joked. So good.' As I started talking to you, she said something about Skinnygirl, and I said to you, 'Oh my God! "I thought we were going to be shopping for skirts together."Later, when Frankel was leaving with another man in tow, a "wasted" Stonestreet stopped her. I'm the most interesting person here,'" he recalled."Exactly! Frankel asked, "Did you get more laid because of it? Because I have done it for other people, too." The Emmy winner laughed and responded, "No, I get laid plenty!