Myspace profile views not updating

05-Oct-2016 01:52

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And his face, well, his face is slightly pixelated. You’re thinking of a photo — one particular photo, which is the same photo I’m thinking of, which is the same photo that everybody thinks of when they hear “Myspace Tom.” This is because Tom Anderson might have the most consistent, recognizable profile picture of anyone on the internet. Since founding the site in 2003, Tom was the first person to appear on every user’s friends list, guaranteeing that somebody would appear in your Top 8.

A man, 20-something, with short hair, looking over the shoulder of his white T-shirt.

It is facing a decline in print ad dollars and posted an 1 million loss last year. Today, Myspace is an entertainment-focused site that plays music videos and songs.

The publisher of People, Sports Illustrated and Time magazines was spun off from entertainment company Time Warner in 2014. sold it in 2011 to Justin Timberlake and digital ad company Specific Media, which was founded by brothers Tim, Chris and Russell Vanderhook, for million, a fraction of News Corp.'s 0 million purchase.

I used the links you gave me to change the global and local storage settings (I raised it from 100kb to 10mb), and the myspace music player still wouldn't load.

It does, and the company that owns the once-ubiquitous social network is being bought by Time Inc. Myspace's parent company is Viant, which says it provides marketers with access to over 1.2 billion registered users. Chris Vanderhook, now Viant's COO, says the site gets about 20 million to 50 million unique views a month.

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Chris Vanderhook says Viant has used Myspace's data files to attract marketers who want demographic information like age, gender and geographic location on online users, and that targeting ability is what attracted Time Inc. Tim Vanderhook, Viant's CEO, said the pop star has "been an equity owner the whole time," but declined to say if he still is after the deal with Time Inc. According to a recent report by the , Sophos, a Boston-based Internet security company, was able to acquire highly personal information from 40% of the nearly 200 Facebook users who chose to add “Freddi Staur” as a friend in their Facebook accounts.