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01-Nov-2016 03:26

Hello, my name is Tom Hanson and I own and operate KNVP Studios, a full-service podcasting solution company.I have noticed that sometimes, ITunes just stops updating podcast feeds out of the blue, for seemingly no reason at all.I tried restarting i Tunes, unplugging the i Pod, restarting the computer – nothing. Look at this setting: (Windows version: Edit | Preferences | Store) Uncheck the highlighted setting.I’m not sure how this feature is supposed to work, but once disabled, podcasts started refreshing correctly again.Usually, even though your podcast has been running fine over the course of several months, uninterrupted, it just stops updating in the ITunes store.Keep reading for a tool, now available directly from Apple, to help with this!I recently changed the image for my podcast and while the dimensions are 3000 x 3000 when I upload it from my computer the RSS feed is still saying it's 4000 x 4000.

One of the hidden specs that Apple doesn't really disclose, but Libsyn has stated over and over due to direct correspondence with Apple, is that your podcast artwork should not exceed 500kb in file size.Apple's i Tunes Store has programs that check all the shows there periodically for updates.