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Located in the French Quarter, the Pharmacy Museum is actually on the National List of Historic Places, and a visit there will give you a peek at everything from antique bottles of opium and perfume to medical instruments, snow globes, voodoo potions, and “questionable medical practices.” “A 70-million-year-old tale waiting to be told...” boasts this Magazine St oddity, which is the first museum in the country to celebrate the alligator, long associated with the state of Louisiana and its people.Aside from the museum's centerpiece, a 14ft gator named “Fideaux,” you can expect to find a 50-million-year-old alligator fossil, “deformed alligator heads, over a century’s worth of antique alligator-related postcards, video games featuring alligators, vintage alligator fashion items, movie posters from around the world, folk art, toys, household goods, and by far the largest collection of alligator ashtrays and salt and pepper shakers in the USA.” You just knew a wax museum would be on this list, didn’t you? Rather than freakishly recreating celebrities, this museum honors the history of New Orleans by displaying wax dioramas of its more important moments, from the discovery of the city by Iberville and Bienville to casket girls, privateer Jean Lafitte, Andrew Jackson and the Battle of New Orleans, and, naturally, Napoleon Bonaparte in his bathtub. It’s not in NOLA, but if you’re willing to drive up near Shreveport to Gibsland, LA, you’ll find the very spot where infamous outlaws Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were Tommy-gunned (and shotgunned, and pistoled) to death by a posse of angry sheriffs.But what not everyone knows is that this weirdness has been immortalized by the curators of these extremely offbeat museums... The creators of the decidedly macabre museum have taken that into account, so that those fascinated by how and why we meet our maker can get a real eyeful.Here you’ll find everything from Manson family photos to body bags, graphic car accident photography, crime and morgue scene photos, coffins, skulls, antique mortician apparatuses, and, according to the website, “much more!All procedures are performed by state licensed technologists who are certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).Murderpedia has thousands of hours of work behind it.

It’s a junkyard, scraproom, and outsider art paradise, featuring everything from a vintage service station to scenes of classic New Orleans made out of recycled trash, including a tiny jazz funeral, a haunted Southern plantation, and an R&B house, among other things. This is higher than the national average of 15.76 Sex Offender or Child Predators per 10,000 residents.

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