Updating safari for windows

15-Aug-2016 01:36

We knew that Apple’s attempt to expand Safari’s reach into the Windows population was at an end when the company stopped updating the Windows version a year ago, but the browser has now been erased from history as Apple’s bookmark sync tool drops support for it.

i Cloud Control Panel 3.0 for Windows, released yesterday, supports only Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

, which checks your computer and determines if there are any updates available for you to download and install.

These range from updates to your Quicktime player to overall security updates for your entire operating system.

When you installed Safari, Apple Software Update was also installed, and it provides an easy way to update Safari.

There is no shortcut created for the Apple Software Update program, so navigate to the following directory containing the file in Windows Explorer: Double-click on the Software file.

However, if you are using Apple’s Safari browser, how do you check for updates?

In 2007 verscheen de eerste Safari-versie voor het Microsoft-besturingssysteem. Net zoals i Tunes, dat enorm traag draait op mijn i7 920 met 9GB.

It is important that you check for updates often and install those that are crucial for security, such as these browser updates.