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At the end of the tour, Roback and Sandoval began writing together and formed the alternative rock band Mazzy Star.While not a commercial success, this album did establish Mazzy Star as a band with a unique sound.The band had a surprise breakthrough hit single released in October 1993."Fade into You" – from its second album So Tonight That I Might See – was recorded one year before it became a success.Sandoval performed with the band Opal in the late 1980s alongside David Roback and long-time Roback collaborator Kendra Smith.

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I still haven't overcome it." Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions kick off their 2009 tour tomorrow night in Santa Cruz, CA at the Brookdale Lodge! Hope's new album, Through The Devil Softly, will be released September 29, 2009! He moved out to California and we just started to hang out and play music together. He started to play guitar in the past few years, and on the new record he plays a lot more guitar.

There is a continuity between the sounds and moods established on Mazzy Star's first two albums and its third, Among My Swan.

Sandoval formed The Warm Inventions in 2000 and released her first solo album Bavarian Fruit Bread in 2001, which she recorded with My Bloody Valentine drummer Colm Ó Cíosóig.

She sits, petite and curled in on herself, long boots and short skirt, immaculate make-up giving the impression of a beatchick little lamb who's strayed down from the hills of San Francisco. 'It's just like anybody else - some people, most people don't wanna go to school. Four years ago, though, her relationship with William Reid meant she was here more often than not. a little bit silly.' For some, being asked for your autograph is one of the minor trappings of success. 'Having some kind of popularity is just strange.'Sandoval would rather not be popular.

Possessor of one of the most swooned-over, distinctive voices to emerge from American alt-rock in the past decade, she is here to discuss Bavarian Fruit Bread, the forthcoming album by Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions. Like her ethereal, country-gothic music and whispering-grass voice, Hope Sandoval wasn't built for this modern world and all its noise and speed. They parted after three-and-half years; she will admit that she is now in a non-cohabiting relationship. And although she is polite and measured, she would rather avoid detail and say something is 'nice' than get into a conversation.

The cheers seemed louder and more in line with the return of someone who we haven’t seen in seven years. Unsure if she would ever came back, we stood and waited as a sound guy tested things. After what may have been 20 minutes (and with now a few less people in the room), Kevin the bouncer came on stage to thank everyone for waiting and let us know that she was coming down, though I could have sworn he said “calming down”.